Mexican Cuisine

Homemade Taste

Now you don’t have to travel to the remote jungles of Tulum to enjoy great tasting authentic Mexican food in a laid-back environment. Order yourself some of Charly´s award winning vegan tacos, and soak up the hip vibes here at Charly´s Vegan Tacos Miami.

Charly’s Vegan Tacos

172 NW 24th Street, Miami, FL

+1 (305) 456-8202

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Charly's Vegan Tacos

Fresh Ingredients

Plant Based

Enjoy all the flavors and textures of meat without actually eating meat, you won´t believe your taste buds. We´re open from Tuesday to Sunday so stop in and try something truly unique in the company of likeminded people at our laid-back vegan restaurant in Wynwood, Miami.

Charly´s Vegan Tacos

Designed for Meat Lovers, Made for Vegans

Welcome to Charly´s Vegan Tacos where our first US location is building upon the founding principles of Tulum. I like to think of it as “designed for meat lovers, made for vegans”. Here I offer you quality authentic Mexican food in a chilled-out atmosphere, all homemade, all fresh, all vegan.

I hope that through my food you´ll choose to eat more plant based meals and make a positive contribution to the environment, your health, and the animals. More importantly I want this to be a place where you can meet people, bring friends and share experiences about how to make the world a better place.

“So take a pew and enjoy some of Charly’s delicious vegan tacos”

Authentic Mexican Food

Quite Possibly The Best Tacos in Miami

What separates Charly´s Vegan Tacos from other vegan restaurants in Miami is that our chef Charly recreates the textures and tastes of meat using plant based ingredients.

Charly´s Vegan Tacos serves authentic Mexican food with a vegan twist. So everyone can enjoy the flavours of Mexican food without contributing towards the degradation of our environment or harming animals.

By modifying his grandmothers secret recipes Charly re-creates the homemade taste of authentic Mexican food without using animal products.

“No violence, just delicious vegan food”

New Innovative Vegan Restaurant in Miami

For The Kindred of Spirit or Those Who Need To Kill Hunger

Try the delicious tacos accompanied with Charly´s traditional toppings. All our food including sauces is 100% homemade in the kitchen with fresh ingredients creating our signature layers of flavour and texture. Experience something totally different in a laid back atmosphere with Charly´s truly inspiring vegan cuisine.

“Great Tasting Vegan Food in Wynwood”


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+1 (305) 456-8202

172 NW 24th Street, Miami, FL 33127

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Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday


17:30pm to 22:30pm

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